Who We Are

Peoples Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church located just outside the rural town of Folkston, Georgia. Established in 1977, the church operates with two chief objectives in mind: the evangelism of sinners, and the further establishment of Christians in Biblical truth. All the ministries of the church operate around these two objectives.

At Peoples Baptist Church, we believe the Bible, the Authorized Version of 1611, is able to answer any question regarding our spiritual lives, solve any problem in our family lives, and give cleansing and peace to our personal lives. Because we believe this, we also believe that a right relationship with God will not only help us in our own hearts but will lead to the peace of our homes and our society.

In this day of troubles, we as a community, and as individuals should commit our hearts and lives to the Lord who loved us, and has given himself for us. We have all seen the efforts and the failures of politics to solve earthly problems, therefore now it is high time to turn to and trust in God who made us, is able to deliver us, and desires to once again restore his blessings to us, both here upon the earth, and in eternity to come.