Our sermons are available on a variety of platforms through SermonAudio. You can visit them directly and perform a search for Peoples Baptist Church, and the church will be listed there.

It should be noted that SermonAudio is a service that the church pays for, and while they are predominately conservative in doctrine and standards, the church does not endorse all of the preaching and/or teaching found thereon.

Our church’s Code ID is 78534.

SermonAudio has two smartphone apps available that support Android, Apple (iPhones, iPads), Kindle Fire.

The first is called “SermonAudio 2.0,” and the second is called “ChurchOne.” The difference between the two is that the SermonAudio app natively provides access to all sermons and material hosted by SermonAudio. The ChurchOne app, once installed, prompts you to set a particular broadcaster as the default for you. When this is done, if push notifications are enabled on your device, the ChurchOne app will notify you in real time when new sermons are uploaded, when a Live Stream is started, or when a notification pertinent to that particular broadcaster is made. 

If you have further questions, please contact SermonAudio directly.

Live Streaming

We currently stream our church services, albeit the stream is audio only. In time, as provision is made, we intend to incorporate a camera to add the visual aspect.

Listen Line

You can access our live webcast with any regular telephone without the Internet.

Dial (712)432-3410. When prompted, select option two, and then enter our Code ID.